Established in the 90’s, 3D Tint has been in operation for over 20 years. Since then 3D Tint has & continues to take great pride in providing the newest innovations available, top quality products & superior customer service which earned us recognition within the Automotive Enhancement Service Industry of the GTA. 3D Tint attributes our years of success to our attention to detail and our commitment to excellence, which is our greatest asset, often allowing us to eliminate any competitors we may have. It has always been our pleasure assisting clients with exceptional customer service.3D TINT is recognized for our trademark work within the GTA dealerships!!

We offer the MOST ADVANCED cutting edge Technology in Automotive Window tinting in the world today!


Do you offer mobile application services for my convenience?

Quality is our priority.  Our tint work is completed inside a clean facility, where we have complete control over quality. No need to worry about dust, debris or any other type of unsightly particles showing up when the tint dries. Our professional applications are completed on our premises only.

How is window film better than factory tinted glass?

Film provides various advantages like heat rejection, protection from harmful UV rays (up to 98% as claimed by the manufactures) and protection from flying shards of glass in the case of accidental breakage; all of which are not achieved in factory tinted glass.

Why do I have to wait to roll down my windows after they are tinted?

There is a thin barrier of moisture between the glass and the film when the installation is completed.  This evaporates as the tint cures to the glass. Rolling the windows down prematurely can cause the tint to ripple or peel.  The amount of time required before you can roll the…