Do you offer mobile application services for my convenience?

Quality is our priority.  Our tint work is completed inside a clean facility, where we have complete control over quality. No need to worry about dust, debris or any other type of unsightly particles showing up when the tint dries. Our professional applications are completed on our premises only.

How is window film better than factory tinted glass?

Film provides various advantages like heat rejection, protection from harmful UV rays (up to 98% as claimed by the manufactures) and protection from flying shards of glass in the case of accidental breakage; all of which are not achieved in factory tinted glass.

Is 3D Tint the cheapest place to have my vehicle windows tinted?

We have been in business for over 2 decades and we have learned that quality comes with a price. We will not compromise our quality on product or workmanship.   Would you really place your vehicle into the hands of the Lowest Bidder?

Can I replace my existing window film with new window film?

Yes, window film  can be changed whenever you like. Required time will be longer then the original application.

Can the front windows be tinted to match the Factory Tint on the rear windows?

No problem, we are Professionals!

Why do I have to wait to roll down my windows after they are tinted?

There is a thin barrier of moisture between the glass and the film when the installation is completed.  This evaporates as the tint cures to the glass. Rolling the windows down prematurely can cause the tint to ripple or peel.  The amount of time required before you can roll the windows down varies depending upon the weather.

Why do my windows look foggy immediately after tinting?

The window tint applied to the glass has been sprayed with a special liquid.  This allows the tint to be moved around and positioned properly. Once in place, the film is squeegeed to remove as much of the liquid as possible.  This is what is seen in the glass when you pick up your vehicle. Over time (usually 1-2 weeks), this will evaporate as the tint cures.

Does 3D Tint charge extra for different shades of film on the front & rear?

Not at all, there is no additional cost for different shades. In fact most of our customers prefer a lighter shade of film on the front windows.

Is the film Guaranteed for Life?

Yes, at 3D Tint our film applications have Lifetime Warranty.

Does 3D Tint offer a Warranty on window film applications?

Most of our window film is guaranteed against cracking, fading, peeling and bubbling for as long as you own your vehicle.  Should you ever have an issue, stop in with your receipt and allow us time to look it over. We do not cover damage to tint cause by improper cleaning, scratches caused by seat belts, keys, pets, etc.  Complete care instructions are provided at time of application, during pick up.

What is the life expectancy of window film once it is applied on glass?

The life span depends on various factors such as application of film, orientation of the window, location etc.

How can window film reduce heat transfer?

Heat rejection property of film varies from film to film. The reflective range of film is known to reject a portion of the sun’s heat transfer.

How does window film prevent the vehicle’s interior upholstery from fading?

Most films are UV stabilized and are known to reduce the harmful UV rays which cause fading. Other components such as heat, Infrared radiation and light are also responsible for fading due to sunlight. Since these factors vary for different types of films the extent of fading will depend on the type of film used.  Vehicle interiors fade and crack largely because of UV (Ultraviolet) rays. Window film installed at 3D Tint rejects nearly all (98% as stated by the manufacturers) UV rays.

How should the interior glass be cleaned after the film is applied? Does window film require any special care after installation?

Do not use any rough or abrasive material for cleaning the window film. 3D Tint will provide specific written instructions upon pick up.

What is the normal curing time for window film adhesive once it is applied on the glass?

Curing time for window film adhesive applied on glass depends on the factors such as film type, time of the year when film is applied, time of the day when film is applied etc. The recommended curing time for ordinary window film is at least a week from the day of application.

How long does it take to apply window film on vehicle windows?

Application time taken for film depends upon various factors such as place of application, access to glass, type of film, time of application etc. Normally, the first application time on a vehicle is around 1.5 hours (depending on the vehicle).