We work with all major brands of Auto Tint… We have over 30 years of tinting Experience


The difference between computerized cut tint and hand cut tint is like comparing hand writing to typing; who writes much anymore?

3D Tint uses a software program which allows us to precisely cut film specific to your model of vehicle. Our computerized tint cutting allows our professionals to do installations by digitally choosing which template will produce the perfect film application by use of a Plotter. The Plotter grants us savings of up to 20% in material, reducing wasted product and labour time; allowing the savings to be passed onto you, the consumer. After the Plotter has been set to laser cut the film specific to your choice/s, our installers prep and clean the window surface for the film application. No matter how fast, there is not an installer in the world who can cut film and clean the windows at the same time! This method allows us to effectively estimate and use the time required to have your vehicle in our shop, maintain our film products providing lifetime warranty and keep our pricing extremely competitive.

Our tint lines are guaranteed to be cut , laser exact, to the windows of the vehicle being tinted. When compared to the traditional hand cut method, any damage in “hard to reach areas” is significantly reduced. Computerized tint pretty much eliminates to chance of damage on the glass caused by blades when fitting the film unlike the traditional method.  If not, we will re-due the film application within the specified time given at drop off, usually 1.5 hours for a full tint application.

Make a statement with your tinted windows!

Having vehicle windows tinted enhances the overall appearance but did you know there are interior benefits as well? Known to reduce heat transfer, tint also prevents the vehicles interior upholstery from premature fading and provides protection to exposed skin from the sun’s harmful ultra violet rays.

Canadian Provincial Tinting Laws